Avoid These Classic Lawn Care Mistakes

When it comes to your home or commercial property’s lawn and landscaping, green is always the preferred color. However, there are some common lawn care missteps that can turn a lush, green lawn into a blanket of brown. As experts in lawn care services for St Paul and the surrounding areas, we know everything there is to know about keeping a lawn nice and green. That’s why the experts here at Classic Lawnscape would like to offer a few pointers to help you on your way. And, if every you need help with your lawn, give us a call and we can tell you more about our lawn care services and all we can do for you.

Trimming Too Short

Though you may want to cut as much as you can to avoid having to mow again next weekend, it is important never to over mow your lawn. Make sure to cut off no more than one-third of the blades in a single pass. Leaving grass longer helps it process light and water and develop a healthy root system. This then leads to a healthier, fuller and greener lawn.

An expert in lawn care services like those here at Classic Lawnscape would be able to keep up with your mowing on a regular basis. They know the appropriate length to maintain your lawn.

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Too Much or Too Little Watering

Lawns need an inch of water a week. Too little and your grass can die and turn brown. But, too much watering and it can destroy your lawn by drowning your plant’s roots. A professional lawn care service can work with you to determine an appropriate watering plan. You may also want to install an irrigation system, which would do the watering for you. Professional lawn care services can help you maintain consistent watering to help your lawn thrive.

Wrong Grass

Selecting the right type of grass is key. Professional lawn care services can test your soil to help determine what kind of grass will grow best. And, planting a variety of species of grass can help your lawn as well. If you plant the wrong kind of grass, it may not grow correctly. A company providing lawn care services will know the right grass and the right grass combinations for your particular property.

Are you ready to have professional lawn care services implemented for your St Paul landscaping? Call Classic Lawnscape today at 763-780-7231 for more information.

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