Coon Rapids Lawn Care Services for Optimal Upkeep in 2014

We think it’s time for Old Man Winter to take a nap. As much as we love snow removal, we can’t wait to get our hands dirty again! There’s nothing better than planting, trimming and mowing in Coon Rapids. Lawn care services are part of our specialties. We know it’s been a long time since you were thinking lawn care services, so in this blog, we’re going to cover some of the basics of irrigation, turf and landscape management.

Spring Clean Ups

By the end of this winter, you’re property will probably be in desperate need of a spring clean up. Your lawn, and everything around it, has been buried in snow for months. Once the snow melts for good, you’ll want a Coon Rapids landscaping company to thoroughly tame your wild property and professionally start up your irrigation system. Having a spring clean up done will give you a good foundation for the summer.

Summer Upkeep

As Coon Rapids lawn care services experts, summer is our favorite time of year. When your landscape is alive and thriving, we are in our prime. Our team can set up a routine with you, so your lawn is always looking it’s best. We handle all aspects of lawn care services.

Fall Blowouts & Winterization

During the fall, we’ll get your property ready for winter. While it’s hard for us to say goodbye for another year, we’re happy to wrap up your lawn care services for the colder months. This process is just as important as getting your Coon Rapids property prepared for the warmer months. The health of your lawn depends on it.

If you’re looking for lawn care services in Coon Rapids for 2014, contact us today by calling 763-780-7231 or Contact us Online.

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