How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Fall and Winter

There is already a big difference in the outdoor air temperatures compared to this time last month, so the colder months are definitely on their way. As a provider of Coon Rapids lawn care services, we have several tips on how to make sure your lawn is ready for the upcoming fall and winter months.

Adjust Your Mower Height

Raise your mower’s height about a half to a full inch during the fall season. This leads to an increase in your grass’ leaf area. And more leaf area means there is more of the grass to capture sunlight. And more captured sunlight means the grass can store more food, plus your lawn will become more dense as this leaf area expands. This can help prevent weeds during the winter months, which is your lawn’s dormant season.

Give Weeds the Heave-Ho

In the early fall, give your lawn a dose of pre-emergent herbicide. This can keep weeds like dandelions from forming, and it can help reduce the amount of weeds you will have to deal with next spring.

Add Some Grass Seed

Do you see any bare patches in your lawn? Now is a great time to add some grass seed. New grass grows well in the cooler fall temperatures and roots can get established pretty quickly when it’s a bit cooler out. Just be sure to water your new grass so it can grow and to keep people off of it so the roots can grow into the soil properly.

Rake, Rake and Rake

We know this isn’t your favorite chore, but take the time to rake up leaves on a regular basis. Keep leaves off of your lawn so your grass can grow, especially if you recently planted new grass seed. The more sunlight your grass gets, the better.

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