How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, so that means it’s time to start breaking out the lawn mowers, rakes and other gardening and lawn care equipment! As one of the most reliable lawn care services in Circle Pines, we here at Classic Lawnscape have a few suggestions for you on what to do to prepare your lawn and landscaping for spring and the upcoming growing season.

Rake Your Lawn

Raking isn’t just a fall chore! Raking in the spring encourages your grass to grow. Clear debris, leaves and other items off of your lawn. Making sure all of this is off of your lawn also helps when it’s time to start mowing your lawn, plus raking also loosens the soil’s surface, and that encourages healthy and needed air flow.

Mulch Your Trees and Flower Beds

Get some mulch and put some down around your trees and flower beds. Mulch with a depth of about two to four inches. This will help keep the plants warm in case the weather turns cool again, and mulch will also help these plants retain much-needed moisture.

Water Your Lawn

As soon as it really begins to warm up, it’s time to start watering your lawn if you don’t have an irrigation or sprinkler system. The rule of thumb is to water sparingly but deep. So you shouldn’t be watering your lawn every day with only a little bit of water. Water it just a few times a week (depending on the weather) and take the time to put a lot of water on your grass. This will “train” your grass to dig deeper into the soil to get the water. And that means your grass will grow more healthy and stronger.

You can eliminate the need to worry about when and how much to water your lawn by calling us. One of our biggest lawn care services is irrigation management. We can design and install a lawn sprinkler system for your grass and landscaping!

Mow Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn is an important part of making sure it stays healthy. But did you know that many people out there mow don’t mow often enough and mow the grass too short? You should set your mower’s blades so they are at a high setting, and you should keep your grass a little on the long side. Longer grass grows in thicker and healthier. Plus, a better root system means your grass will be more likely to survive through a drought or through an insect infestation.

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