Irrigation System Evaluation St Paul

Irrigation System Evaluation St PaulIs your irrigation system more than five years old? When was the last time you had an irrigation system evaluation in St Paul? If the answer to the last question is “more than 5 years ago” or “never,” now is the time to call Classic Lawnscape!

We will send our experienced technician to your home to evaluate your system to see what changes can be made to make it more efficient. This can help you save money on your water bill, not to mention help conserve water and protect our environment.

During your irrigation system evaluation, the technician will:

  • Check every part of your irrigation system, including the sprinkler heads and pipes, to see how old it is and to see if there is a newer and better part available.
  • Take copious notes about your system and its settings to see if the settings need to be updated and/or reprogrammed.

Minneapolis Irrigation System Inspections

We are able to provide you with a Minneapolis irrigation system management plan to check on your system regularly. This can benefit you by catching any problems early. We can provide you with one of three plans:

  • Weekly inspection: A visual inspection of the landscape and the irrigation system, making adjustments as necessary.
  • Bi-weekly inspection: A physical system inspection, zone by zone, to detect and fix any problems with the system.
  • Monthly inspection: A physical inspection of your irrigation system, making any necessary adjustments or repairs.

Why Get an Irrigation System Evaluation

Did you know that you may be able to save money and conserve water by upgrading to a new sprinkler system? In the past five years, irrigation system technology has been changing rapidly. There have been more advancements and improvements in the technology and the way the system and parts operate. This is why it is so important for you to have an irrigation system evaluation. You want to be sure your system is the most technologically advanced possible so you are not wasting money or water. Plus, upgrading your system means it will be watering every part of your lawn – not over-watering some parts and under-watering others.

In business for more than 30 years, we are experts in assessing sprinkler systems and in irrigation system evaluation. We are well-versed in many different sprinkler system brands such as Rainbird and Toro.

Get an Evaluation Today!

For more information on irrigation system evaluation in St Paul, call Classic Lawnscape at 763-780-7231 or contact us for a Free Estimate.