Maintain a Quarantine Lawn that Makes Others Green with Envy

This summer, many will be enjoying staycations instead of venturing afar, making lawns an important escape. Lawns and landscapes are reclaiming their role as America’s quintessential summer escape and we are here to help with tools and tips to keep it looking its best. With help from Classic Lawnscape you can make your patch of grass look like a beautiful outdoor oasis! As the trusted name in landscape management for Andover and the surrounding areas, we’ve put together the essential services for local lawns this summer. So, before you start cutting and dumping fertilizer, here are a few things to keep in mind:

landscape management Andover

First of all, enlist professional landscape management. When it comes to keeping a lush lawn thriving, it is important to cut and maintain it correctly. Our landscaping management company knows how to correctly mow a lawn so that it looks great, stays green and maintains optimal health. We will also expertly fertilize the lawn as needed.

Then there’s proper irrigation. Regular use of a dependable and efficient sprinkler system during the summer months is essential to the health of your property’s lawn. Don’t have one? Classic Lawnscape can install the right one to fit your needs and maintain it all year round.

Already have an irrigation system? During the warmer months, wear and tear on your system can be very high. It’s important to have your landscaping company regularly check the system, sprinkler heads in particular to make sure they’re all working properly. We are experts at this and can maintain your irrigation system to ensure all areas of your lawn is reached and everything is in working order.

Another part of proper landscape maintenance is pruning. With the abundant growth here in Minnesota, it is important to remove any overgrowth or dead branches. Our landscaping company can prune and trim your trees and plants to ensure they remain in good health, have proper growth and look well-groomed for beautifully well manicured curb appeal. 

With all of these important landscape management tasks to keep up with, it can be a huge help to hire professional landscapers. Our landscape management professionals can save you the hassle and exhausting work that goes into maintaining an envious lawn. It will no longer be you out there sweating and getting sun burnt on hot summer days! Leave the back-breaking work to us and allow us to maintain for your a calming oasis right in the safety and comfort of your own property.

To learn more about landscape management for your Andover property, call Classic Lawnscape at 763-780-7231, or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.

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