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Looking for a lawn care company? Blaine MN residents know and trust Classic Lawnscape for all of their irrigation management, turf management, landscape management and snow and ice management needs. With more than 20 years of experience as a lawn care company in Blaine MN, we can take care of just about any job for residential, municipal and commercial watering systems. Our lawn care company has seen and done just about everything, so call us today to see how we can help you!

What Our Blaine MN Lawn Care Company Can Do For You

What kind of lawn care services do you need?

We can handle irrigation management jobs. Our licensed technician will come to your Blaine MN residential, commercial or municipal property and inspect your irrigation system on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. He can implement your spring start-up and can take care of winterizing your system in the fall.

Our Blaine MN lawn care company can also take on turf management jobs. A professional turf manager can come to your property on a weekly basis to ensure your turf is growing as it should and can also help with spring clean-up, mowing, edging, fertilizing, weed control, core aeration, cleaning up in the fall and insecticide and fungicide treatments.

How about landscape management? Our landscape manager can come to your Blaine MN property to ensure your non-turf-related plant materials are taken care of. He or she will come out on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to ensure your landscape looks as good as the day it was planted. Plus, there is a yearly maintenance schedule that includes pruning and cutting back trees and other shrubs, periodic herbicide application, weeding, shaping of shrubs, pest management, edging, mulching, fertilizing and more!

And when the cold Blaine MN winter months hit, you won’t have to worry about snow and ice removal when you hire our lawn care company! We will take care of clearing snow and ice from any roads or sidewalks so anyone who walks or drives on your property is safe from falls, slipping or worse.

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