Lawn Irrigation Systems: Parts and Definitions

As a lawn care company that installs and services lawn irrigation systems in Blaine and the surrounding areas, we realize that there are many different parts to these types of systems. So we thought we would take the time to define some of the most important parts of lawn irrigation systems so you can understand a bit more about them and how they work.

Sprinkler Controllers and Timers

These are probably one of the most important parts of lawn irrigation systems. They are the brains behind the operation, and they are what determine the water start and stop times. These controllers are programmable, and the watering beginning and end times are based on a few different factors: the type of plants in that particular zone, the type and quality of the soil, how much sun and shade that area gets on a daily basis and more.

Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices protect lawn irrigation systems’ water supplies from pollution and contamination. They are designed to be installed on potable water lines, and they protect against back-siphonage and back-pressure of the polluted water into the potable water supply. They can help protect against health hazards and other issues like that.

Weather and Flow Sensors

If you have ever wondered what happens with lawn irrigation systems when there is a large amount of rain, then you will be interested in learning about weather and flow sensors. These devices are what shut off the controllers based on the weather that is going on outside.

So if there has been a lot of rain in your area lately, the sensor will let the system know so your plants, trees, flowers and landscaping are not over-watered. They also sense other weather conditions besides rainfall, like high winds and other overflow conditions like that.

Water Filters

These components prevent dirt and other debris from getting sucked into pumps and causing damage and clogs. The screens can be made out of a few different types of materials like stainless steel or polyester. These are an important part of keeping lawn irrigation systems in good working order.

These are just a handful of the many parts that go into lawn irrigation systems. If you have any questions, you can always call us to find out more!

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