Irrigation System Management in Minneapolis
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Classic Lawnscape is dedicated to providing the residents of Minneapolis with the best irrigation system management available. We can help you with all of your Minneapolis irrigation system management needs. We have over 20 years of experience in our field, and our professionals are excited to help you manage your irrigation system.

Spring Start Ups in Minneapolis

At the end of winter, your irrigation system will need to be renewed for the spring. As part of our Minneapolis irrigation system management program, we are able to perform this for you. Some things that go into a spring start-up for your irrigation system:

  • Reattach any parts of the system that detached during the winter
  • Pressurize the system
  • Check each sprinkler head to make sure it is operating efficiently

Minneapolis Irrigation System Winterization

When the weather starts getting cooler, you will need to shut down your irrigation system for the winter. As part of our Minneapolis irrigation system management plan, we will be able to help you winterize your system. During your winterization, we will:

  • Turn off the water and clear the system to prevent freezing
  • Drain water meters and back flow devices

Minneapolis Irrigation System Inspections

We are able to provide you with a Minneapolis irrigation system management plan to check on your system regularly. This can benefit you by catching any problems early. We can provide you with one of three plans:

  • Weekly inspection: A visual inspection of the landscape and the irrigation system, making adjustments as necessary.
  • Bi-weekly inspection: A physical system inspection, zone by zone, to detect and fix any problems with the system.
  • Monthly inspection: A physical inspection of your irrigation system, making any necessary adjustments or repairs.
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