Reasons to Hire a Landscaping Company

Your yard is your personal playground, your kingdom, your piece of the world. You always want your property looking its very best. Be sure your lawn is impressive when you entertain friends and neighbors. Then again, why just have a lawn? Why not create a beautiful landscape filled with flowers, plants and shrubbery? Home owners and families have counted on the professional services of our local landscaping company at their Andover properties years. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring us too.

If you have found that your lawn looks worse every year, filled with Bermuda grass or weeds in general, our landscaping company can choose and apply the right type of fertilizer for your grass. In hiring us, we have professionals who know fertilizer—what type to use for your grass or plants and how to apply it correctly. Attempting to handle this task yourself, you could end up purchasing an erroneous choice or just implementing it wrongfully. Then you get to shell out more bucks to fix the damage.

If you are tired of having only grass to look at, why not have a planter installed? Our professional landscapers can easily get you squared away with flower, plants and shrubbery as well as standard accompaniments like mulch.

You may think that hiring a landscaping company is not a wise investment, but think about how much you would spend on gardening and landscaping products and spending all of that time out there yourself.

Landscaping companies save you time. It will no longer be you out there sweating and getting sun burnt every week on hot summer days! Leave the back-breaking labor to us!

Some of the services offered by our landscaping company include:

  • Spring pruning of material from winter
  • Spring cut back of perennials, shrubs that bloom
  • Pre-emergent herbicide occasional and as-needed
  • Bi-weekly weeding of beds
  • Shrub-shaping as new growth emerges
  • Pest management
  • Bed line edging
  • Landscape mulching
  • Fertilization
  • Annual flower bed installs and tending
  • Install of fresh landscape items

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