Safe Snow and Ice Removal

It’s winter outside, even if the calendar says it’s still fall. And with the winter months comes back-breaking work: shoveling snow and clearing ice. We offer snow and ice management services in this area, and along the way we have learned a thing or two. Here are a few tips on how to safely shovel snow and remove ice.

Be Sure to Plan Ahead

Do you have the proper tools needed for snow and ice management? A few things you should always keep on hand are a shovel, de-icer (like rock salt), an ice chipper and sand. Make sure you plan ahead before the first major snowfall hits and have them in your home or garage so they are easily accessible.

Take Care of You

Are you physically able to shovel snow and remove ice? If you are a business owner and need snow and ice management for your office building, you should call Classic Lawnscape for our snow and ice management services. That way, we take care of all of the hard labor while you focus on more important things. If you are not physically able to shovel snow, then you should ask someone else to take care of it for you. Do not put yourself at risk of having a health problem as a result of the physical requirements of snow removal.

Remove Snow Properly

Rather than picking up the snow with your shovel and then throwing it aside, simply use the shovel to push the snow out of the way if you can. Don’t pick up too much at once either. It’s best to move a little at a time instead of trying to take on too much at once. And always remember the proper way to lift: with your legs and knees, not your back.

Remove Ice Properly

Spread sand or kitty litter on icy patches on your sidewalk or driveway. You can even put sand in a microwave-safe container and microwave it for a few seconds. Spread it on the sidewalk or pavement while it is still warm. This is a great way to help it embed into the ice and create a gritty top layer. And always watch where you step. You don’t want to end up falling and hurting yourself on the ice!

If you are a business owner or building manager and in need of snow and ice management services, contact Classic Lawnscape at 763-780-7231 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

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