The Snow Isn’t Over Yet: Snow Removal in Minnesota

Though it’s already mid-February, as Minnesota residents, you are well aware that the snow isn’t over. Snow could continue well into March and even April. And, did you know that in 1935, Minnesota recorded snowfall as late as June 4th? We’re not saying it’s going to snow in June, but if you haven’t got your snow removal plan figured out yet, it is never too late to find a company you can trust! If snow removal for your Circle Pines business hasn’t been the smoothest this season, there is still time to get it on the right track!

It is important to remove snow and ice from your property, no matter what type of business you have. Professional snow removal is a simple precaution you can take to prevent an accident. If you’re an employer, you probably care a lot about the well-being of your employees and wouldn’t want to see them get hurt. That’s why it is so important to figure our your snow removal plan ahead of time. And, Classic Lawnscape can help you do just that!

How have you been handling your snow removal up until now? Have you been doing it on your own? Have you been handling it on a case-by-case or snow-by-snow basis? Having a company lined up can eliminate the stress and guess work that comes along with snow removal.

The people who work for us are experts at what they do, and trained to be safe. They’ve been handling ice and snow removal for many years. Instead of leaving it up to the first one to get to the office, or doing it yourself, let the experts take care of it for you.

It will be more convenient for you if you let our team take care of snow and ice removal. For many businesses, we can clear the snow from your parking lot and walkway before your employees start rolling in for the day.

And, when you enlist the experts at Classic Lawnscape, you can get the peace of mind you want and deserve when it comes to snow removal. When you have our reliable team remove your snow and ice, you’ll know it was done well. Our job is to keep you and your employees safe and to reduce accidents.

So, when you’re ready to iron out the details of your snow removal plan, contact the experts here at Classic Lawnscape! We can get you on our snow removal schedule! Give us a call today at 763-780-7231 or contact us online.

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