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St Paul Turf Management

Turf management is an important process that will keep your sporting pitch looking good and ready for use. When you want to make sure your turf looks its best and is getting the best care possible, trust Classic Lawnscape for regular care and maintenance. Our turf managers will take care of everything from mowing to edging to weed control and everything in between. Your turf will get attention once a week from April through October, ensuring it looks great during the warmest months of the year.

Classic Lawnscape Turf Management in St Paul  

As one of the best at St Paul turf management, Classic Lawnscape is happy to offer these services to commercial clients in St Paul and the surrounding areas. The services include:

  • Weekly care of turf by a professional turf manager.
  • All of the systems involved in the care of the turf will be directed by the turf manager and will be timed as to specific site conditions throughout the season and based on soil tests.
  • Turf managers work closely with the irrigation managers and landscape managers.
  • Weekly maintenance of the turf from April through October.
  • Turf management systems include:
    • Spring clean up
    • Weekly mowing
    • Periodic edging of concrete curb lines
    • Fertilization as needed according to soil test recommendations
    • Weed control - annual and perennial broadleaf weeds
    • Core aeration
    • Fall clean up
    • Insecticide and fungicide treatments as needed

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