What Happens During an Irrigation System Evaluation?

You should have a regularly scheduled irrigation system evaluation in St Paul at least weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. However, it’s never too late to have an irrigation system evaluation done and to get them scheduled on a regular basis. Here are some of the steps we take when we come to your home to perform one.

We will come to your home and do a walk-through and visually inspect your entire system. This part of the irrigation system evaluation is important because it helps us get a sense of your overall system and how it works. We will look for any obvious signs of damage or wear on the parts and components.

We will then turn the system on to see how it’s watering your lawn. Are there some parts of your lawn that are being over-watered? Or are some parts not being watered enough? If either of these is the case, we will adjust the sprinkler heads as necessary and note any heads that need to be replaced.

From there, we will continue the irrigation system evaluation by looking at your settings to make sure they are programmed properly. We will make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your lawn is being watered at the best time of day. Also, part of the irrigation system evaluation is looking at your water usage to make sure your system isn’t using more water than necessary. This could help you save money and help conserve water.

We can then take a look at your rain sensor, if you have one, to make sure that is functioning properly and is detecting rain as it should. If it’s not, we can make sure that is replaced as well.

When you need an irrigation system evaluation in St Paul, call Classic Lawnscape at 763-780-7231 or Request a Free Estimate.

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