Why Winterize Your Lawn Irrigation System?

Your lawn irrigation system is important to the health and well being of your grass and landscaping. So you should definitely do what you can to make sure your system stays in good shape. This time of year, getting your irrigation system winterized is vital to keeping the system up and running. One of our specialties at Classic Lawnscape is lawn irrigation in Coon Rapids and the surrounding areas, so we thought we would talk about why winterizing your irrigation system is so important.

Sometimes, people think the only thing they need to do to winterize their lawn irrigation system is to turn off the water source. While this is one step of the winterization process, it is definitely not the only step. If you turn off the system’s water source, it will keep new water from getting into the system, but it does nothing to get rid of the water that is still in the system.

That is where the term “fall blow out” comes from. A blow out is when we take compressed air and blow all of the water out of your lawn irrigation system. The correct amount of air is vital: too much will damage the system and too little will not get all of the water out.

So we take the time to blow out your lawn irrigation system. We will also drain the system using the automatic or manual drain valves. The main valve will then be closed completely, and that will keep water from flowing into your irrigation system.

Why do we do all of this? In Minnesota, freezing temperatures are the norm during the winter months. That means the water in your lawn irrigation system will freeze and expand. When that ice expands, it will more than likely damage your lawn irrigation system. And that could lead to the need for expensive repairs in the spring time when you want to start using your lawn irrigation system again for the growing season.

When you contact us, we can give you even more reasons that winterizing your lawn irrigation system is a good idea. And then we can set up an appointment for us to come out and take care of that for you.

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