Winter Lawn Care Tips

As a landscaping company in Minneapolis, we know firsthand that lawn care does not stop just because winter is here. There are plenty of chores you should be doing to make sure your yard and landscaping are in tip-top shape once spring rolls around again. Here are a few recommendations from our landscaping company.

Keep Your Lawn Clean

Try to keep your lawn and landscaping clean of toys, leaves and debris. If you leave these items on your grass or plants, especially after a snow or ice fall, they can contribute to large dead spots in your landscaping. And, even though a landscaping company like ours can help re-grow those dead spots in the warmer months, it is better to try not to let them happen in the first place.

Do Not Walk on Your Lawn

Try to keep people from walking on your lawn during the winter months too. It might be tempting to cut through your grass, especially if the weather outside is bad or frigid, but try to avoid this temptation and encourage family members and guests to do the same. Make sure sidewalks and other paved paths to your home are clear of snow and ice so people have a safe area to walk on. Our landscaping company can help if your grass is damaged by people walking on it, but, again, it’s better to try to avoid this problem if you can.

Keep up with Raking

Like we have mentioned, keeping your lawn clean is an important part of winter lawn care. Unfortunately, this also includes raking when necessary. We know it is cold outside and the last thing you want to do is spend time raking leaves, but it shouldn’t take long and you will be thanking yourself this spring when your landscaping is the best-looking on your block and the envy of your neighbors and friends, thanks to these tips from our landscaping company!

Care for Your Trees

After an ice or snow storm, give any trees in your yard a once-over. If they are cracking or breaking under the weight of the snow or ice, gently knock the snow or ice off of the branches. If they seem like they are okay though, leave them alone. Our landscaping company can help with any damage to your trees this spring.

We hope you found these winter lawn care tips from our landscaping company helpful!

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