Minneapolis Sprinkler Winterization Service

Minnesota isn’t known for having the best winter conditions. Because of the extreme cold and unpredictability of a Minnesota winter, it’s important to have your sprinkler or irrigation system winterized before the snow hits the ground. The Minnesota climate has a frost level that extends beyond the installed pipes, so it’s imperative to remove all the water from your system. If you don’t, the pipes can freeze, expand, crack and rupture, which means a very large repair bill.

Let us handle winterizing your system

Classic Lawnscape uses a blow-out winterization method, which uses an air compressor to blow out all water in the system. This is done zone by zone until all zones have been winterized. Once this is done, we’ll drain your system pump and shut off the water supply. We’ll also check and ensure your controller is shut down.

An experienced and licensed professional should be the only one to attempt this type of winterization. Too little pressure can leave behind water while too much pressure can damage spray heads, and increase friction in the pipes which can also damage the system.

If the temperature goes below 32 degrees, the system will need to be drained so costly damage isn’t done. When the temperature gets really cold and we haven’t come out to winterize your system, follow these steps so your sprinklers aren’t damaged:

  1. Make sure the main shut-off valve is turned off
  2. Remove your outlet drain plug or spigot
  3. Turn the valves to a 45-degree angle
  4. Take a large towel or blanket and cover the backflow valve and all copper
  5. Take a 2-3 gallon bucket or container and put it underneath the drain before opening the drain valve. Close the drain valve once all the water has drained out of the system.
  6. Turn on the sprinkler controller and activate your lowest sprinkler zone. This will drain out any remaining water. Turn off the controller.

Why Winterize Your Sprinkler System?

By planning ahead, you can take the proper steps to make sure your system doesn’t get damaged during the cold Minnesota winter. Spring start-ups will also be less stressful, and you can be assured that your system will provide you with great service for years to come.

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