Fall Blowout & Winterization Season is Almost Here

If you have an irrigation system installed at your home or business then you likely don’t have a brown, dried out lawn like many of your neighbors this summer. So, good on you! After all, sprinkler systems are the best way to keep your grass and plants healthy by ensuring that water is distributed evenly across the lawn. Not only that, but you can set automatic watering to unfold at specific times. There are so many benefits to having a sprinkler system! It is important however to remember to take care of it and one of the most important steps to doing so is the fall blowout. Can you believe it’s September already? That means it’s about time to schedule your sprinkler system’s fall blowout and winterization. And, here at Classic Lawnscape we are the trusted name in sprinkler systems for Forest Lake and the surrounding areas and can help get your system up to speed.

sprinkler systems forest lake

Especially in climates such as ours there is an annual need to “winterize” sprinkler systems. With autumn barely creeping in, us Minnesotans better prepare now because before we know it the cold will be here for its long, deep freeze. 

It’s important to follow a few simple steps before the cold sets in to make sure that sprinkler systems are ready to roll once the warm weather finally returns. Freezing temperatures can do incredible damage to a sprinkler system that still has water in its pipes; so winterizing will help you avoid potential costly repairs. Here is how the experts at Classic Lawnscape can help prepare sprinkler systems for the months ahead:

  • We will turn off the water that feeds your lawn sprinkler system. After locating the master shut-off valve we will be actively preventing water from massing within your pipes.
  • Drain the remaining water from the sprinkler system. Your hose bib will be pried open to allow free flow. A bucket will catch all of the water that runs from your pipes.
  • An air compressor will be employed to drain the overall network. After choosing the area of your lawn that is furthest out from your home, we will work our way back in towards it. Your sprinklers will run for two to three minutes, allowing all water to drain properly. 
  • Once the water switches over from mist to just air kicking out, we move on to the next one until all are clear of water.

If you are interested in learning more about maintaining sprinkler systems at your Forest Lake area home or business, call Classic Lawnscape at 763-780-7231. You may also contact us to get on our schedule.

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