Steps for Spring Irrigation Management

Are you preparing for spring and summer landscaping? One of the biggest pieces to ensuring the success of your landscaping efforts is ensuring that your plants and grass will receive enough water throughout the hotter months of summer. To do this, many in Blaine rely on irrigation management systems. As local experts in sprinklers and irrigation management, we have compiled a list of steps to make sure your irrigation management system is ready for use all spring and summer long!

1. Test the Soil

Before flushing the sprinkler system – first check that the soil beneath your lawn is frost-free, at least 12 inches deep. This can be done with a shovel. If the soil is rock hard, wait until the weather warms up further.

2. Check the Controller

Check the settings on your irrigation system controller. Be sure that the time and date are properly set and that the settings match your desired schedule.

checking the controller for irrigation management in Blaine

3. Remove Obstructions

Be sure to remove any rocks, dirt or other debris that have collected in the pipes in the off-season by flushing the system.

4. Check for Damage

Check for issues by running your system. Are there broken valves that aren’t spraying as they should? Is water pooling somewhere due to a leak in a pipe? If there are problems, call a professional to repair the system before continuing use.

5. Check Valves

To identify which valves may have issues, turn on each zone one by one. This way you can easily identify the zone causing problems.

6. Open Street Valve

Slowly open the main valve to fill the pipes. It is important to take this step slowly to prevent damages to the system by sudden pressure changes.

7. Test Water Pressure

Finally, ensure that the pressure is at a safe operating range and that it is sufficient to reach all plants or sections of grass that require watering.

Or you can simplify the whole process down to one simple step:

1. Hire Classic Lawnscape for Irrigation Management

Alternatively, you can simply call Classic Lawnscape to narrow down a seven step process into one easy solution. We can make sure that your irrigation management systems are ready for spring while you sit back and relax!

Classic Lawnscape is happy to help you with all of your irrigation management needs this spring. Call us today at 763-780-7231 or request a free estimate!

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