Irrigation Systems FAQs

Spring is here and summer will soon be on its way, meaning it’s the season of lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems. For homeowners in places like Edina, Eden Prairie and Coon Rapids, irrigation systems are an indispensable part of a thorough lawn care regimen. Like with any device, problems can arise with your irrigation systems or you might have questions you are unsure of the answers to. Before giving us a call, see if your question is answered below.

How long should I water my lawn and garden?

Watering frequency is dependent upon your type of system and its precipitation rate. Usually, a typical run will water shrubs for 10 minutes, circle rotors for 30 minutes and full circle rotors for an hour. If you are unsure how to set up your program, contact us today.

My system isn’t shutting off.

If you find your system isn’t shutting down after a watering cycle, first try to unplug the controller. Should this do the trick, follow your manufacturer’s directions for reprogramming. If the system didn’t turn off upon unplugging the controller, then get in touch with us so we can better investigate the issue.

Are rain sensors a worthwhile investment?

If you’re looking to save water and extend the life of your system, then rain sensors are a great investment. A great feature of rain sensors is they allow your system to take a break when it’s raining.

What are irrigation zones?

Irrigation zones are planned prior the installation of a system. Each zone is divided by the amount of water necessary to ensure proper hydration. Zones in sunnier areas, for examples, might require more water, while areas in more shaded areas can probably use less hydration. There is less water being wasted, as irrigation zones help to determine water efficiency.

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