Spring to It! It’s Time for Spring Startup & Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance

Spring is just around the corner so now is a great time to begin scheduling your spring startup as well as schedule routine lawn sprinkler system maintenance. The snow has finally halted and your lawn will soon begin showing signs of life again. Your grass will be growing in no time. And, how you care for it now will make a huge difference in its growth and appearance all season. For homeowners in the Lino Lakes area, a lawn sprinkler system is an essential part of a thorough lawn care regimen. Here are a few things to consider this spring:

lawn sprinkler system lino lakes

Spring Startup

Already have a lawn sprinkler system? Hopefully you had it winterized and any remaining water blown out in the fall and its been resting all winter. If not, the winter was cold enough to freeze underground irrigation systems if they were still full of water and not blown out. In this case, your lawn sprinkler system will likely require some repairs to get it running smoothly and efficiently again.

Now is the time to get it kicked back into full gear again! After a long winter, your lawn sprinkler system can be broken just by turning it on. A spring startup from the experts at Classic Lawnscape will properly turn your system back on and running. We can assess your lawn sprinkler system to avoid any problems. We will turn on the main water source and get it charged with water and at the same time perform any adjustments to the system’s head heights or spray patterns to allow for optimal plant growth throughout the season.

We can perform a variety of services as part of our spring startup including:

  • Water pressure testing
  • Check each sprinkler hear for proper operation and coverage
  • Adjust and clean sprinkler heads
  • Install batteries
  • Adjust and set controller
  • Charge system with water
  • And more

Scheduled Maintenance & Inspection

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly system inspection can help keep your lawn sprinkler system running all season.

Weekly irrigation management and lawn sprinkler system inspections consist of a visual inspection of turf and landscape by a technician for plant stress due to lack of irrigation or over watering. The technician will then make any necessary repairs to the system or programming changes to controller as needed.

Monthly irrigation management inspections consist of a physical system inspection zone by zone. The technician will make any necessary repairs to the lawn sprinkler system and/or programming changes to controller as needed.

For more information about maintenance and repair for your Lino Lakes lawn sprinkler system, call Classic Lawnscape at 763-780-7231 or contact us to get on our schedule for a Free Estimate.

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