Prepping & Caring for Your Landscape This Spring & Summer

Spring has already sprung but there is still time to whip your landscape into shape! There are many ways you can clean, maintain and enhance your landscaping to make it look its best all season. After all, the outside of your property can be a reflection of the inside, so it is important to make sure your building’s grass and landscaping are cared for.

Here at Classic Lawnscape, we understand that landscaping can be time consuming; that’s why we offer the landscape management services we do! We are ready to break out the mowers, rakes and other lawn care equipment to get your lawn and landscaping looking and functioning at its best! Our landscape management experts for Circle Pines and surrounding areas have a few suggestions on what we can do to prepare your lawn for the upcoming growing season.

  • First of all, we rake and remove old, dead material and debris. Raking encourages your grass to grow. We can clear debris, leaves and other items off of your lawn. This also helps when it’s time to start mowing your lawn. Raking loosens the soil’s surface, encouraging healthy and needed air flow.
  • It’s also time to start watering your lawn on your regular basis. If you don’t have an irrigation or sprinkler system for your landscaping, the rule of thumb is to water sparingly but deep. This will help your grass ‘learn’ to dig deeper into the soil to get the water. And that means your grass will grow healthy and strong. The landscape management team at Classic Lawnscape can design, install and maintain an irrigation system for you. That way, you won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to watering your landscape.
  • We can even do the planning and planting for you; including annual flower bed installation and maintenance, edging of bed lines and tree rings.
  • Don’t forget the mulch! Mulch can help to nurture the health of your lawn. Our landscape management team can lay down mulch around your trees and flower beds. This will help keep the plants warm in unexpected cool weather and also help plants retain much-needed moisture.
  • In addition to fertilizing, it’s also important for pre-emergent herbicide to be applied periodically throughout the season. We can also perform bi-weekly weeding of your landscape beds and surfaces to keep your landscape free of weeds. And, as the growing season really takes off, we can shape shrubs as needed.
  • Got pests? Our landscape management team also knows the best strategies for integrated pest management as well as insect and disease pests.
  • And, these are just some of the ways our landscape management team can help your landscape looks its best all growing season! For more information about landscape management for your Circle Pines home or business, call Classic Lawnscape at 763-780-7231, or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.
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