Summer Lawn Prep Tips and Suggestions

Well into spring, summer is right around the corner. Your lawn mower should be well practiced by this point of the year, as should your rakes and other gardening and lawn care equipment! Being one of the most trustworthy lawn care services in the Twin Cities, Classic Lawnscape has a few ideas on what you can do to prepare your lawn and landscaping for summer and the growing season.


The lawn mowing process helps ensure the overall health of grass and soil. Many of your contemporaries do not mow their lawn often enough, many also cutting the grass far too short. Get the blades of your mower set properly by utilizing a higher setting. Longer grass grows in thicker and healthier. In keeping your grass at a higher height, the overall root system of your lawn will better prepared to endure general dryness, drought—even insect infestation.


Buy yourself some mulch to lie in and around flower beds and trees. Layers of mulch should run roughly two to four inches in depth, helping keep your plants retain warmth and moisture. Mulch also acts as an effective buffer against erosion and runoff of soil due to rain.


A little raking will go a long way, enhancing your grass’ ability to grow. Your lawn has likely accumulated some level of debris from fall through spring. Clear out the mess to make sure your grass is healthy. Raking boasts the added benefit of also loosening top layers of soil, encouraging healthy and needed air flow.


If you are someone who does not water your lawn, please start doing so, immediately! Water your lawn on occasion, when you do, do so sparingly but be sure to be penetrative, fully saturating all areas. Just water a couple times a week and that should do the trick in the absence of rain. Your grass in effect will learn to dig deeper into the soil to get the water it needs, allowing for stronger and healthier growth.

You are free to handle all of these tasks yourself, but could also eliminate the burden of carrying out all of these chores by calling on us. In addition to the lawn care services, we provide irrigation management, designing and installing a lawn sprinkler system for your grass and landscaping!

Do you need professional lawn care services in the Twin Cities? Call Classic Lawnscape at 763-780-7231 or contact us and get a Free Estimate.

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