Lawn Sprinklers: Picking the Best Kind for You

How can you tell its summer? Obviously, the weather is hot. But, there are other signs, like kids being out of school and the sound and sights of lawn care, most notably lawn sprinklers.

Whether it’s in Minneapolis, Shoreview or Anoka, lawn sprinklers, when they’re operating, can’t help but be noticed, as if almost signaling to viewers, “Summer is here!”

However, all lawn sprinklers aren’t created equal. There are several different kinds and types one can use to give their lawn the necessary hydration it requires. It all comes down to your yard, and what type of sprinklers will best water your yard.

Here are the four most commonly used types of sprinkler heads:

Pop-Up Sprinklers

These are probably the most commonly used due to their relative inexpensiveness and ease to operate. These types of lawn sprinkler heads are designed for residential and small commercial use, and are made to cover smaller areas, with a spraying radius being normally between 3-15 feet.

Impact Rotors

Impact rotors provide yards with single or multiple streams of water. Normally, the water is distributed in an arc pattern between 40 and 360 degrees. Impact rotors are designed to cover larger areas than pop-up spray heads; the normal spray radius of an impact rotor is between 20 to 150 feet.

Gear-Driven Rotors

Gear-driven rotors are used most commonly for medium to large-scale systems. They normally have a radius between 18 and 55 feet. These types of sprinklers are best suited for commercial or large residential areas, and work better than pop-up sprinkler heads in areas with slops or clay.

Large Turf Rotors

If you see a golf course or park being watered, it’s more than likely using large turf rotors. These are the sprinkler heads of choice for large areas, as they can cover radii of up to 100 feet.

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Irrigation Systems FAQs

Spring is here and summer will soon be on its way, meaning it’s the season of lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems. For homeowners in places like Edina, Eden Prairie and Coon Rapids, irrigation systems are an indispensible part of a thorough lawn care regimen. Like with any device, problems can arise with your irrigation systems or you might have questions you are unsure of the answers to. Before giving us a call, see if your question is answered below.

How long should I water my lawn and garden?

Watering frequency is dependent upon your type of system and its precipitation rate. Usually, a typical run will water shrubs for 10 minutes, circle rotors for 30 minutes and full circle rotors for an hour. If you are unsure how to set up your program, contact us today.

My system isn’t shutting off.

If you find your system isn’t shutting down after a watering cycle, first try to unplug the controller. Should this do the trick, follow your manufacturer’s directions for reprogramming. If the system didn’t turn off upon unplugging the controller, then get in touch with us so we can better investigate the issue.

Are rain sensors a worthwhile investment?

If you’re looking to save water and extend the life of your system, then rain sensors are a great investment. A great feature of rain sensors is they allow your system to take a break when it’s raining.

What are irrigation zones?

Irrigation zones are planned prior the installation of a system. Each zone is divided by the amount of water necessary to ensure proper hydration. Zones in sunnier areas, for examples, might require more water, while areas in more shaded areas can probably use less hydration. There is less water being wasted, as irrigation zones help to determine water efficiency.

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Lawn Sprinkler Start-Up Tips for Commercial Property Owners


If you own multi-housing or commercial properties, one thing you want prospective tenants to notice is your healthy, green grass. Not only is it beautiful, but it gives a positive impression about how well you keep the entire property maintained.

And with spring in full bloom and summer a little over a month away, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have in place a fully functional lawn sprinkler system. If you do, then your system should be started up. If not, then here are a few tips to remember to make sure your lawn sprinklers are correctly started up:

Proper sprinkler startups mean more than just turning on the water

It’s not enough just to turn on the water and call it a day. When a member of the Classic Lawnscape team does a lawn sprinkler or irrigation startup, they will take a look at each zone and make sure:

  • Sprinkler heads are popping up
  • The system has the correct amount of water pressure
  • Sprinkler heads aren’t leaking or are clogged
  • There are no leaks or wet spots

These are only a few of the items we’ll take a look at. Contact us to learn more.

Think about coverage

A sprinkler system startup is a great time to think about whether your landscape is getting the appropriate amount of water coverage. Are all the plants and grass getting the necessary amount of water, or is the system leaving something to be desired? We can take a look at these issues when a member of the Classic Lawnscape team turns on your system.

Call in a professional if you’ve never done a start-up before

If you’ve never started a system before and are not sure what to look for, then give Classic Lawnscape a call or click here to request a free estimate. Not having the experience can cause issues if you’re unfamiliar with how the system should work. This is especially important for property owners, as commercial systems may be more involved than normal residential systems.

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Lino Lakes Lawn Care Services: Advantages to Using Professionals

Do you want to take your Lino Lakes property to the next level? Then you’ll want to strongly consider using a professional Lino Lakes lawn care services company like Classic Lawnscape, which can transform your lawn into a beautiful, serene space. There are a number of advantages to using a professional lawn care services company, and here are some of the most acknowledged:

The right lawn care schedule

If you’re hiring a Lino Lakes lawn care services professional to take care of your lawn or yard, you’ll want to have regular schedule of when necessary items, like grass cutting, will take place. Your lawn will look far more attractive when it’s cut on a regular basis, like weekly or bi-weekly. We offer weekly mowing, so your grass is sure to always look its best.

The best growth

A Lino Lakes lawn care services professional knows that the best looking lawns are the result of more than just regular mowing. Fertilizing, weed control, insecticides, fungicides and core aeration are also valuable steps we can take in making sure your lawn or yard always looks its absolute best.

In order to make sure your lawn is always at the top of its game, our Lino Lakes lawn care services experts can diagnose and treat any pests or plant diseases that might be hindering or impacting its growth. We take caution when applying insecticides or fungicides in order to solve your pest or disease problems.

The necessary tools and equipment

Proper lawn care relies on having the right tools and equipment in order to effectively maintain the life of your plants and lawn. By hiring our Lino Lakes lawn care services experts, you won’t need to invest in these tools, which can be expensive. Not only do we have reliable lawn mowers, but we have in tow other important tools, like those used for edging, trimming, pest management and more.

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Common Lawn Care Errors in Minneapolis

We, at Classic Lawnscape, know you can’t be an expert on everything. You may be a nurse, an IT professional or even an actor. Stick to what you do best and leave the lawn care to us! There are some frequent errors that we see on the job, making it even more necessary for people to hire professional Minneapolis lawn care services.


Watering your lawn too much can drown your plant’s roots. Lawns do not need an extreme amount of watering. A professional lawn care service can work with you to determine an appropriate watering plan. You may want to install an irrigation system, which would do the watering for you. This is another service a lawn care company can provide.

Incorrect Grass Choice

There is a difference in the types of grass you plan depending on your climate and environment. Some grass is intended for warmer, other grass is intended for shady places. If you plant the wrong kind of grass, it may not grow correctly. A company providing lawn care services would be able to help you find the correct type of grass for your lawn.

Too Much Mowing

It is actually possible to mow your lawn too much and cut it too short. Cutting your lawn too short forces your grass to tap into its food reserve, which causes it to thin out. A professional lawn care expert would be able to keep up with your mowing on a regular basis. They know the appropriate length to maintain your lawn.

If you’re ready to have a professional lawn care service look at your lawn, call Classic Lawnscape today at 763-780-7231 or visit our website for more information. Investing in Minneapolis lawn care services for your yard can keep it greener and healthier all year.