It’s Core Aeration Season: Learn the Many Benefits

Any homeowner with a yard in Minneapolis understands the need for quality lawn care services. And, one of the most important of these services is core aeration. Lawn aerating is a sensible procedure to practice on an annual basis. Core aeration lets your lawn breathe. And now, the month of September, is the best time of the year to perform it. It gets your lawn prepared for fall and healthy enough to withstand the cooler months ahead.

If the soil in your turf or landscaping is compacted, that means water and fertilizer will have a harder time reaching the roots. This allows for weeds to grow, and it also makes growing grass more difficult. One of the many turf management services we provide at Classic Lawnscape is aeration. This is a technique used to loosen the soil and will encourage grass to grow. We’d like to provide a rundown of the process and a few of its many benefits.

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The Basics

Lawn aeration is an essential part of our many essential lawn care services. It is a procedure that utilizes liquid, mechanical or a manual lawn aerator to properly aerate the lawn. This creates numerous holes along the surface of the lawn, about twelve such holes in a given square foot of lawn. This permits and encourages deeper root growth, along with reducing the soil compaction level. Lawn aeration permits water, nutrients and air to directly reach the root system.

More than providing a more attractive lawn, lawn aeration encourages deeper growing grass roots and thickens up the grass itself. Holes created by the process hold water which will soften up compacted soil and allow clay soils a greater amount of room to breathe and expand.

The Add-Ons

There are several lawn care services and procedures which go directly along with lawn aeration. Some of these include fertilizing, thatching, liming and seeding.

The Benefits

There are a variety of advantages to choosing fall lawn aeration, including:

  • Alleviates damage caused by droughts
  • Reduces compaction of the soil
  • Betters the drainage of water and decreases runoff
  • Limits the development of thatch
  • Permits water, air and nutrients to directly reach the roots

Overall, utilizing a lawn core aerator is the most efficient means of swiftly improving the topsoil’s health. In many regions of the country, newer lawns are typically put in on top of hard clay. Core lawn aerators are capable of increasing the speed of the soil integration by promoting grass and root growth.

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Green Summer: The Importance of Fertilization & Professional Turf Management

Do you have a summer lawn care check list? For those living in and around Minneapolis, fertilizing programs are essential parts of keeping a lawn looking its best. And, Classic Lawnscape is here to help. It’s the time of year to be thinking about what you’re going to do throughout the growing season and beyond. If you want your landscape to look professionally managed, you’ll need a team of lawn care professionals on your side. That’s why we’re both ready to help you with all of your landscaping needs and have put together a list of important lawn maintenance programs to consider.

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Fertilization is the perfect way to get extra food and nutrients to your lawn. We’ll perform a soil test, if necessary, and work out fertilizing programs specifically designed for your property. Many fertilizing programs have multiple installments. We’ll keep up with the schedule and have your grass greener and healthier in no time. Our lawn care services experts are dedicated to the well-being of your lawn. Fertilizing programs may include services such as:

  • Nutrient requirements
  • Nitrogen, Phosphorus content
  • Soil testing
  • Aeration
  • And more

Soil Maintenance

If the soil in landscaping is compacted, water and fertilizer will have a harder time reaching the roots. This allows for weeds to grow, and it also makes growing grass more difficult. So, in order for fertilizing programs to work, soil maintenance must be implemented. One of the many turf management services we provide is aeration. This is a technique used to loosen the soil, and this will encourage grass to grow.

Weed Prevention

Weed control and prevention all starts with a healthy lawn. If you have a healthy lawn, it is naturally able to prevent weeds from growing. There are a number of avenues we can pursue when it comes to weed prevention. Herbicides can be used that will leave your lawn intact. Some harsher chemicals will get rid of your weed problem, as well as everything around it. Our staff of lawn care experts will work to keep your lawn green and intact.

We hope these can get you on the road to a healthier lawn. And, if you need help with fertilizing programs, feed prevention or anything else dealing with your lawn, do not hesitate to enlist the experts at Classic Lawnscape.

For more information about weed prevention, soil testing, fertilizing programs and more for your Minneapolis landscape, call Classic Lawnscape at 763-780-7231 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

Your Summer Lawn: Grooming Tips and Tricks

The first day of summer is June 21 which means summer is just around the corner! And, with warm weather gracing Minnesota for weeks now, your lawn mower must be well seasoned by this point, as should your other gardening and lawn care equipment. Being one of the most trustworthy lawn care services in Forest Lake, Classic Lawnscape has a few ideas on what you can do to prepare your lawn for the heat and sun that comes along with the dog days of summer. And, we understand with busy schedules, it can be difficult to accomplish all of these, so do not hesitate to call Classic Lawnscape for lawn care services that can really help!

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Stay Hydrated

If you currently don’t water your lawn, it is an important task to consider. Water your lawn on occasion and do so sparingly but be sure to be penetrative, fully saturating all areas. Just a few waterings a week should do the trick in the absence of rain. Your grass will learn to dig deeper into the soil to get the water it needs, allowing for stronger and healthier growth. A lawn sprinkler system is also a fantastic, efficient way to keep your lawn watered without wasting water. We provide complete irrigation management services, installing Hunter and Rainbird equipment and can service all of the other major brands.

Find Your Grooming Groove

First, clear out any debris to make sure your grass is healthy. Next, find a good mowing schedule that works for you and your lawn. The lawn mowing process helps ensure the overall health of grass and soil. Find that sweet spot that keeps your grass at a healthy height without going too short.

Many people do not mow their lawn often enough or cut their grass far too short. Get the blades of your mower set properly by utilizing a higher setting. Grass kept at a slightly higher height can grow in thicker and healthier as the overall root system of your lawn will be better prepared to endure general dryness, drought and other hindrances. Need help maintaining the height of your lawn? Enlist the experts at Classic Lawnscape and we can help you maintain a healthy, great looking lawn.

Maintain Your Mulch

In spring or if you haven’t gotten to it yet, by summer, buy yourself some mulch to place around trees and amongst flower beds. Layers of mulch should run roughly two to four inches in depth, helping keep your plants retain warmth and moisture.

You may choose to try and handle all of these lawn care services and tasks yourself, but you can also eliminate the burden of carrying out all of these chores by calling on us. In addition to lawn care services, we also provide lawn sprinkler installation, irrigation management and more.

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Caring for Your Lawn Sprinkler System: Have You Had Your Spring Startup Yet?

Spring is here and summer will soon be on its way, meaning it’s the season of lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems. No doubt your lawn has been showing signs of life for weeks now, so if you haven’t had your spring startup yet, we’d like to offer a few reasons to consider having one done by the professionals at Classic Lawnscape. For homeowners in St Paul, a lawn sprinkler system is an essential part of a thorough lawn care regimen. Like with any device, problems can arise with your irrigation systems and spring is a great time to have them checked out. And, did you know that May is National Home Improvement month? It’s the perfect time to give your lawn sprinkler system a little extra TLC!

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If you have your lawn sprinkler system maintained professionally, then it is likely you had the system shut down for winter and purged of water. If not, the winter was cold enough to freeze underground irrigation systems if they were still full of water and not blown out. In this case, your lawn sprinkler system will likely require some repairs to get it running smoothly and efficiently again.

After a long winter, your irrigation system can be broken just by turning it on. Water hammer is when a rush of water flows into an empty pipe caused by a surge of air pressure. The result is burst fittings, producing geyser-like water eruptions on your lawn and it can even cause your system to fail.

A spring startup from Classic Lawnscape will properly turn your system back on and assess your lawn sprinkler system to avoid any problems. We will turn on the main water source and get it charged with water and at the same time perform any adjustments to the system’s head heights or spray patterns to allow for optimal plant growth throughout the season. We perform a variety of services as part of our spring startup including:

  • Water pressure testing
  • Check each sprinkler hear for proper operation and coverage
  • Adjust and clean sprinkler heads
  • Install batteries
  • Adjust and set controller
  • Charge system with water
  • And more


Next, we can then take a look at your rain sensor, if you have one, to make sure that is functioning properly and is detecting rain as it should. If it’s not, we can make sure that is replaced as well.

When you need maintenance on your lawn sprinkler system in St Paul, call Classic Lawnscape at 763-780-7231 or Request a Free Estimate.

Preparing Your Commercial or Multi-Family Housing Property for Spring

Monday, March 20th is the first day of spring! And, with spring being just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about a spring cleanup. As a multi-housing building owner of manager, you know one of the best ways to leave a good impression on your tenants or potential residents is with well-maintained landscaping. After all, the outside of your commercial property can be a reflection of the inside, so it is important to make sure your building’s grass and landscaping are cared for.

multi-housing landscaping

It’s time to call on your trusted company specializing in multi-family housing landscaping for the Twin Cities; Classic Lawnscape. We are ready to break out the lawn mowers, rakes and other gardening and lawn care equipment to get your lawn spruced up for spring! Our multi-family housing landscaping experts have a few suggestions on what we can do to prepare your lawn for the upcoming growing season.

We Know When to Start Watering

As soon as it really begins to warm up, it’s time to start watering your lawn. If you don’t have an irrigation or sprinkler system for your multi-family housing landscaping, the rule of thumb is to water sparingly but deep. This will “train” your grass to dig deeper into the soil to get the water. And that means your grass will grow healthy and strong.  The multi-family housing landscaping experts at Classic Lawnscape can design, install and maintain an irrigation system for you. You won’t have to lift a finger when you hire us for your commercial irrigation management.

Eliminate the need to worry about when and how much to water your lawn by calling us.

Proper Raking & Replacement

Raking isn’t just for fall! Raking in the spring encourages your grass to grow. We can clear debris, leaves and other items off of your lawn. This also helps when it’s time to start mowing your lawn. Raking loosens the soil’s surface, encouraging healthy and needed air flow. And remember, annual plants do not handle winter well. Once spring rolls around, we can seek out soggy and unhealthy brown growths, remove them and replace with new ones.

Mulching and Fertilization

Nurture the health of your lawn through fertilization whether it be composting or simply using a mulching mower. We can lay down mulch around your trees and flower beds. This will help keep the plants warm in case the weather turns cool again, and mulch will also help these plants retain much-needed moisture.

Do you need to hire professional multi-family housing landscaping for your Twin Cities Property? Call Classic Lawnscape at 763-780-7231 or contact us and get a Free Estimate.