How to Choose the Best Lawn Care Company in Blaine MN

It’s definitely still wintertime here in Blaine MN, but it’s time to start thinking about which lawn care company you want to hire for the upcoming spring and summer months. Classic Lawnscape has a few suggestions on how to choose the best lawn care company. Blaine MN residents can never start thinking about their lawn care needs too early in the season! And if you take the time to consider these suggestions, you will be in good shape to pick the best lawn care company when the warm weather starts to hit. Of course, you don’t have to put any thought into if you’re getting one of the best lawn care companies in Blaine MN if you choose Classic Lawnscape! But here are some suggestions anyway, just in case.

First of all, you should figure out exactly what you need out of a lawn care company. Do you want them to come out on a regular basis, or are you looking for a one-time service? What kind of service do you need for your Blaine MN yard and landscape?

Then ask them a few questions about their lawn care methods. If their services jibe with your needs, they’ll probably be a pretty good fit. Consider inquiring about what type of programs they have for fertilizing, bug control and more.

See if the lawn care company will come to your Blaine MN home and give you a free estimate on lawn care services. It’s so much easier to compare companies apples-to-apples when you have a written estimate to review.

You can bypass all of these steps if you contact Classic Lawnscape. We will come to your Blaine MN home and provide a free estimate, we do not spray for bugs and pests that are not a problem for your yard and we are very detail-oriented, so you know your lawn is in good hands. Call us today at (763) 780-7231 or contact us online about a free estimate.

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