The Components of Your Lawn Irrigation System

The installation of a lawn irrigation system is an investment worthy of your lawn. Classic Lawnscape, an installer and servicer of lawn irrigation systems for Shoreview residences and businesses, would like to share with you some information on what makes up such a system so you may gather how they work.

Backflow Prevention Devices

The water supplied via lawn irrigation system must remain free of pollutants and/or contamination. The usage of a backflow device helps in this effort as lawn irrigation systems are designed to be installed on potable water lines. You can protect your lawn from back-siphonage as well as back-pressure of the polluted water into the potable water supply. Health hazards and other issues like are prevented in this way.

Sprinkler Controllers and Timers

Amongst the very most important spokes in the lawn irrigation system wheel, sprinkler controllers and timers are the brains behind the functioning system—what determines water start and stop times. Programmable controllers set up watering begin and end times that are dependent upon a couple of different variables like the type of plants within the zone in question, quality and type of soil, sun and shade that area receives daily and more.

Water Filters

Water filters are the gateway to debris entry into pumps, dirt and other, finer particulates. Contaminants such as these clog and can otherwise cause general damage. Water filter screens tend to come in the form of polyester or stainless steel. They are an important part of keeping lawn irrigation systems in fully functional mode.

Weather and Flow Sensors

So what happens when consistent rain is falling? Does the system know not to water if Mother Nature has fed the lawn? Weather and flow sensors shut off the controllers based on the weather that is going on outside or has already occurred. If there has been a lot of rain, the sensor will inform the overall lawn irrigation system to hold off on watering so your plants, trees, flowers and landscaping do not undergo an artificially generated deluge.

There are so many components that make up a lawn irrigation system—we simply do not have the room to go into them all. So, if you find yourself wondering, you may call at your leisure and we would be more than happy to discuss the lawn irrigation system that is right for your lawn.

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Summer Lawn Prep Tips and Suggestions

Well into the spring season, summer is right around the corner. Your lawn mower should be well practiced by this point of the year, as should your rakes and other gardening and lawn care equipment! Being one of the most trustworthy lawn care services in the Twin Cities, Classic Lawnscape has a few ideas on what you can do to prepare your lawn and landscaping for summer and the growing season.


The lawn mowing process helps ensure the overall health of grass and soil. Many of your contemporaries do not mow their lawn often enough, many also cutting the grass far too short. Get the blades of your mower set properly by utilizing a higher setting. Longer grass grows in thicker and healthier. In keeping your grass at a higher height, the overall root system of your lawn will better prepared to endure general dryness, drought—even insect infestation.


Buy yourself some mulch to lie in and around flower beds and trees. Layers of mulch should run roughly two to four inches in depth, helping keep your plants retain warmth and moisture. Mulch also acts as an effective buffer against erosion and runoff of soil due to rain.


A little raking will go a long way, enhancing your grass’ ability to grow. Your lawn has likely accumulated some level of debris from fall through spring. Clear out the mess to make sure your grass is healthy. Raking boasts the added benefit of also loosening top layers of soil, encouraging healthy and needed air flow.


If you are someone who does not water your lawn, please start doing so, immediately! Water your lawn on occasion, when you do, do so sparingly but be sure to be penetrative, fully saturating all areas. Just a couple waterings a week should do the trick in the absence of rain. Your grass in effect will learn to dig deeper into the soil to get the water it needs, allowing for stronger and healthier growth.

You are free to handle all of these tasks yourself, but could also eliminate the burden of carrying out all of these chores by calling on us. In addition to the lawn care services, we provide irrigation management, designing and installing a lawn sprinkler system for your grass and landscaping!

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Reasons to Hire a Landscaping Company

Your yard is your personal playground, your kingdom, your piece of the world. You always want your property looking its very best. Be sure your lawn is impressive when you entertain friends and neighbors. Then again, why just have a lawn? Why not create a beautiful landscape filled with flowers, plants and shrubbery? Home owners and families have counted on the professional services of our local landscaping company at their Andover properties years. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring us too.

If you have found that your lawn looks worse every year, filled with Bermuda grass or weeds in general, our landscaping company can choose and apply the right type of fertilizer for your grass. In hiring us, we have professionals who know fertilizer—what type to use for your grass or plants and how to apply it correctly. Attempting to handle this task yourself, you could end up purchasing an erroneous choice or just implementing it wrongfully. Then you get to shell out more bucks to fix the damage.

If you are tired of having only grass to look at, why not have a planter installed? Our professional landscapers can easily get you squared away with flower, plants and shrubbery as well as standard accompaniments like mulch.

You may think that hiring a landscaping company is not a wise investment, but think about how much you would spend on gardening and landscaping products and spending all of that time out there yourself.

Landscaping companies save you time. It will no longer be you out there sweating and getting sun burnt every week on hot summer days! Leave the back-breaking labor to us!

Some of the services offered by our landscaping company include:

  • Spring pruning of material from winter
  • Spring cut back of perennials, shrubs that bloom
  • Pre-emergent herbicide occasional and as-needed
  • Bi-weekly weeding of beds
  • Shrub-shaping as new growth emerges
  • Pest management
  • Bed line edging
  • Landscape mulching
  • Fertilization
  • Annual flower bed installs and tending
  • Install of fresh landscape items

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Time to Think Spring Plant Care and General Landscape Management

The calendar indicates warmth ahead, even though the weather has not. Harsh winters take a toll on once well-groomed properties. Damaged or dead plant life can hinder the growth of your annuals, perennials and shrubbery. The soil, coming out of a deep freeze, needs love and care to bloom out that deep, welcoming green grass. It is time for spring clean-up, preparation and landscape management in the Twin Cities. Here are some things you can do to enhance the health of your landscape as we move into our balmier months.

• Annual plants do not handle winter well. Once spring rolls around, seek out soggy, spongy, unhealthy brown growths. Yearly by nature, remove those plants and replace with new. As part of an effective landscape management plan, these waste materials are great for composting!

• Perennials often fall prey to similar issues faced by their annual counterparts with regard to soggy, spongy and unhealthy brown leaves. Do not make the mistake of assuming these plants are dead. Being recurrent plants they have a strong rootstock and thus will regrow, outwardly from those very roots. Be patient and give them some time to grow back, well into the new season.

• Shrubbery needs only minimal treatment come spring. Simply look for areas of discoloration as well as broken branches. Simply remove these blemishes and allow for standard, optimal growth.

• The Five Steps of Spring Maintenance For Shrubs and Trees: Inspect, Prune Dead Branches, Plant New Trees, Mulch Your Landscape and Fertilize Plants.

• Your lawn needs love after a cruel winter. Break out the rake (yes, leaves again, but also accumulated matter). A compacted soil prevents healthy grass growth (seek out moss—a good indicator of general compaction, soil acidity and need for aeration). If moss is present, a good liming of the lawn can help reduce the acid content. Should you find barren patches in your yard, overseeding (filling those patches with seed) with a nitrogen-based seed is a solid plan of attack (this typically is a more effective treatment when used in autumn). Nurture the health of your lawn through fertilization (composting or simply using a mulching mower are effective fertilizing means). Your to-do list in spring landscape management should contain most of these tasks.

• Of course, if you do not wish to perform any of these landscape management tasks yourself, and you reside within the greater Twin Cities area, you may call in the professionals at Classic Lawnscape!

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Four Reasons to Hire Professionals for Snow Removal

When it is the dead of winter and a snowstorm hits, the last thing you want to do is leave the warmth and comfort of your home to make your way to your commercial property in order to shovel, plow and de-ice. Not only that, but if you don’t have the right equipment or technique, the job could end up taking you much longer than it should. These are two of the many reasons we recommend hiring a professional snow removal service in St Paul. Here are a few others.

  • As mentioned, you might not have the right equipment for snow removal. Sure, you probably have a shovel or two, but do you have a snow plow and snow blower? Our snow removal service uses plows and snow blowers (as well as shovels and other tools) to quickly and safely remove snow, so hiring us means you will never have to worry about having the right tools to get rid of snow and ice.
  • Commercial snow removal services like ours also know how to do the work safely. You don’t have to worry about being injured while shoveling sidewalks or falling while de-icing walkways. Our snow removal team will handle this work so you can stay safely indoors and not have to worry about falling and getting hurt.
  • Over the long term, hiring a professional snow removal service could end up saving you money. You pay us our snow removal fee and you never have to worry about buying new snow removal equipment or making sure you have enough de-icer on hand for the next blizzard or ice storm.
  • The most important advantage of professional snow removal? Peace of mind. You never have to worry about safely making your way to your commercial property. You never have to worry about doing any of the grunt work. And you never have to worry about what kind of mess your commercial property will be in after a severe snowfall. Our team will head to your business either during or right after a snow fall, and we will take care of the plowing, shoveling and de-icing. That way, you know it’s safe for you, your customers and your employees to travel in and out of your commercial property.

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